2018 Travels


I’ve sent the email to a lot of people and I’m quite sure some won’t be interested. But that’s OK because you don’t have to look unless you want to.
I’m going to blog a bit now and then on where I’m at – NOT every day.
If you keep coming back later you may need to click the ‘refresh’ button on your browser to make sure it gets the latest version.
(Pauline – you may want to print them out and post them to Dot.)

Day 1 and 2.                Day 3 and 4                Day 5 and beyond            Day 29 and beyond - Russia     

Spires and Domes and other photos of Russia      

 Sydney to Hebel                     Hebel To Yamba                Yamba to Berry            Rough Map

Day 66,67,68                           Day69/70                            Day 71                        Day 72

Day 73/74/and finally 75