Macquarie Harbour & Gordon River - Feb 2018

I have no idea who is writing the trip report but hopefully when they do I will get much better photos. My lens was wet a lot of the time from the rain rain rain for the first 6 days. Keep checking this page.

I've been threatened with a firing squad at dawn if I show you all the hip and bottom wiggling parts of this warmup at Eagle Creek on the Gordon River so you only get a short version.

The Dancing Girls of Eagle Creek.

The Dolphins near Birches Inlet.

The Braddon River where there is a handy hut for sitting in in the evening with a fire.

From there to Pillinger where there was another handy hut where we stayed for 2 nights while it blew a gale and rained like hell.
We did all sleep outside in our tents. (Well maybe Arthur had an after dinner nap)

To the Boom camp and another hut. Tilly sat for her SSKK Sewing Badge here and passed with flying colours.

Up at St John's Falls somebody dislocated their shoulder (for the second time in a few weeks), but our lovely lady doctor had it back in place in a couple of minutes.

To Birches Inlet and another hut.

Frenchman's Cap

Sarah Island

Steadman's Beach.

This man will have a big medical bill at the end of the trip.

Double Cove.

Back at Strahan after 9 days.

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(This was a similar trip Elli and I did in 2006 -