The most beautiful girl I've ever known.
 Mary Lou Winter (deceased, 23/4/1943 -  7/5/2016)
We were at Hobart High School together in the late 50's. Her mother Molly was the gentlest person you would ever meet, and her father introduced me to books by the author Nevil Shute - still my favourite author.
(Photos courtesy of my brother Daniel - about 1961)

Unfortunately I lost touch with Mary Lou but years later spent a lot of time searching the Internet for her. Over a period of 25 years there was never a trace till I found this obituary.

This saddened me immensely.This is not a loving obituary. Her birthday is incorrect and her mother's name is incorrect. It has all the appearance of being written by a staff member of a nursing home - and privately cremated as per her wishes???
I get the strong feeling that Mary Lou died not surrounded by loving friends and relatives but alone in the world.
I am immensely saddened.

Mary Lou's obit & Guest book.

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