The “two thirds” paddle

That’s my name for the “wing” paddle. I first saw one back in the 90’s when paddling with the NSW sea kayak club and one of them said it had been proved it was a few thousands of a second faster over 1,000 metres – ie 1km.


I felt very sorry for him.

Last year (2019) a nice young lady paddled non-stop from Tasmania to Victoria – (Stanley to Tidal River). It is about 224 km and took about 32 hours.

Let’s assume the paddle is 3/1000 of a second faster over 1km. Then she would have saved 3/1000 times 224 seconds if she used a “wing” paddle. That equals 672/1000 seconds. That is about two thirds of a second (hence my name for it). So she would have arrived at Tidal River 2/3 second faster than some-one using a “normal” paddle. You have to be joking.

Even if it was one second faster (and no-one is making that claim) then she would have saved 224 seconds – ie just under 4 minutes in a 32 hour paddle.

All I can say is that if any sea kayakers have one of these paddles, or are thinking of buying one then if I was you I would keep looking back over your shoulder for the little men in white coats, because they’ll be coming to get you – because you’re crazy.

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