Week 4    (July 10th to 16th)

Saturday 13th
We went to Fremantle to Kailis's for fish and chips, and I had a banana fritter and ice cream as well.


It is only the second place in Australia that I know serves Banana Fritters. Tailem Bend in South Australia is the other one.

Thursday 11th
Last week I dropped in on my ex-wife Anetta for a couple of hours, and my eldest son Peter was there as well. Today Pippa and Lindsay and I dropped in on her as they hadn't seen each other for a year or more. Didn't do much else except watch the dismal performance of the Oz cricket team, and watched the Tour de France.
We have decided that my elderly body will have done as much outdoors as it can in the next couple of weeks so I have retained my original date to return to Tassie - will be back at Dodges Ferry on the 1st August.

Wednesday 10th
My trip is off for probably quite sometime. As mentioned in Week 2 the Brookton Highway goes right past my baby sister's (Pippa) place in Roleystone. A year or so ago we heard that her husband Lindsay had contracted "idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis". This is incurable - a bit about it here:

Seeing my original trip was going as far as Kalgoorlie I felt I should go a bit further to Perth. They didn't know I was coming and got quite a shock when I knocked on their door and said I was just passing so dropped in. They were both glad to see me. Lindsay has lost about 75% of his lung capacity and can do very little these days. If he walks down to his letter box - maybe 50 metres he has to stop 3 or 4 times to get his breath back coming back to the house. I think they are on something like 9 acres - a lot of bush up the back.

I offered to stay indefinitely if it was any help to them and they accepted. They will tell me if they think it is time for me to move on. I could be here for some time. Apart from some of the physical jobs I can do I am of course also company. He has been spending most of his time in front of the TV. He is expected to be on oxygen by the end of the year and my sister will be surprised if he is still with us this time next year.

I do have a mate here in Perth and may go off camping for a few days on his sister's property south of Perth for a few days about the 16th.

I split this wood today.

Seeing I was going to be here for some time I bought a second-hand laptop for $200 from Cash Converters. It is a good laptop and I started work cleaning the junk out of it at 10pm one night and went to bed at 6.45am the next morning.