Week 6     (July 24th to 30th) - (on the ferry home on the 31st)

Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th
I figured out the Tracker - it won't show more than 50 check-points on a page. Back at Kara Kara for two nights.

A bit of freshly cooked corn beef from Roleystone.

My new cordless chainsaw works well.

Melbourne and the ferry tomorrow the 31st.

Sunday 28th
The Tracker hasn't shown where I started at Roleystone early Saturday morning - like about 1.30am. But it does show my first stop to rest - well into South Australia. Seeing I only had two hours sleep Friday night I had 6 hours Saturday night and was back on the road a bit after midnight (WA time as I have't changed my watch over yet). Local time was about 11pm.
I just cruised along all day today till I arrived at a good rest area just to the west of  Dimboola in Victoria.You have to really expand the tracker page to show the tick where I am. (it sent another ordinary check before I turned it off). Heading for St Arnauds tomorrow and then Kara Kara NP.

It's been another good demonstration that driving from Perth to Melbourne is just an overnight drive. I could have easily kept going to Melbourne.

Thursday 25th
I'll be out of here (Roleystone) in the early hours of Saturday morning, heading for home. Finished splitting all the firewood.