Alice Springs To Boggy Hole, August 2007

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Elli and her grandson Mitchell flew into Alice Springs to see a bit of the Outback on their way back to Tasmania, after a walking trip in China.

It was a bit of a rushed trip, and had long driving days to see as much as we could in the time available. Our route went from Alice Springs along the West McDonnells to see Simpsons Gap, Standley Chasm, and camped at Orminston Gorge. Then back round to Hermannsburg, into Palm Valley for the night, then down the Finke River bed to camp at Boggy Hole.

  Entrance to Simpson's Gap

  Entrance to Standley Chasm (Mitchell's photo)

  Standley Chasm

  Ormiston Gorge campground

  Ormiston Gorge

  Mitchell photgraphing Rock Wallaby

  Rock Wallaby in Ormiston Gorge

  Ormiston Gorge at sunrise

  Ormiston Gorge

  Campsite at Palm Valley

  Palm Valley

  Palm Valley

  Basket material ?? (off the palms)

  A Pleasant stop just before Boggy Hole (Finke River)

  Remains of the old Police Station at Boggy Hole

  Camped at Boggy Hole

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